Assistant Superintendent


    Keith Gauley, Assistant Superintendent

    Welcome to the Teaching and Learning section of our District website. As Assistant Superintendent one of my responsibilities is to coordinate the many variables that contribute to and influence learning experiences for our staff and students. In collaboration with our educators, I administer all aspects of our Teaching and Learning System including: PreK-12 curriculum, our Literacy and Math Action Plans, District reading, writing, and mathematics assessments, English Language Education program for non-native English speakers, and professional development. As a Nauset staff, we hold students accountable to achieve at the highest possible academic standards and to demonstrate “Habits of Learning” including thinking flexibly, creating, collaborating, persisting, problem solving, and taking responsibility.  Students must also learn and benefit from feedback and communication with their peers and with their teachers. The Assistant Superintendent’s office also writes and manages several grants, including Title I and Title IIA, which assist in expanding and sustaining many components of our educational system.

    The accomplishments of the Nauset Schools can be attributed to the efforts of talented and dedicated professionals, a supportive community, and a belief in the importance of educating the whole child.  We are committed to establishing and sustaining standards of teaching practice at optimum levels of effectiveness at every grade level and across all content areas to ensure our students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful participants in a dynamic 21st Century global economy. To this end we have identified priority areas to help us maintain focus on essential components of an effective Teaching and Learning System. These key practices compose our Literacy and Math Action Plans and include: an Aligned Standards-based Curriculum, a Tiered System of Support, Family and Community Involvement, and the use of Data and Feedback from Assessments.

    Currently, the District is undertaking a significant curriculum mapping and curriculum alignment initiative. The significance of an aligned curriculum is that it establishes rigorous expectations for student learning for all students in all grade levels across the District; these expectations build upon each other and afford smooth transitions from one year to the next.

    I am honored to be a member of a professional learning community that continuously strives to make the Nauset School System an exemplary place of learning for our students. I invite you to visit our other webpages with useful information for parents, staff, and the community.